Why Recycled Leather Bags Make a Perfect Christmas Present


Are you drawing up your Christmas gift buying list? Christmas and winter are just around the corner, and the holiday spirit is in the air. And with Christmas come gifts that we give to our loved ones, but also to ourselves! But rarely do we ask ourselves: where do these gifts come from, and where is our money going to?

Think before you buy

Why is it important to think before we give our money away? Because a person or an entire environment might be suffering because of unethical trade. You may not support or want this, but it does happen and most people are blissfully unaware of this.


Why buy fair trade?

Sometimes people, and even children, work in horrible conditions for that particular item that you just bought. We’re often not aware of that, but by remaining unaware and not asking ourselves those crucial questions we are also indirectly supporting unfair trading practices. These practices are not just detrimental to people, but to our planet as well. Well, it’s time for something different this year!


The knowledge of what is going on in the world may not be pleasant, but it has prompted us to take some action. At Ethical Souls, all our products have been manufactured under fair trade principles, meaning all our clothing designers and brands that we collaborate with are fair trade and provide fair employment to all their employees. Also all beauty products are natural and free from harmful chemicals.


Affordable and ethical

If you’re worried about the price, however, no need to bite your nails!  All our products are also being reasonably priced, which you can see for yourself.  Once you get to know what’s it about, it’s hard not to love ethical and sustainable fashion!


Recycled leather bags are the perfect Christmas present!

Thinking of buying a new bag for yourself or for your loved one? Whether you want a small and practical handbag like Hazel Half Moon Bag, or perhaps larger ones like  Hornbeam Holdall or  the Oak Weekend Bag, we’ve got you covered! Whatever you choose, you can’t make a mistake with buying a recycled leather handbag as a Christmas present for someone or for yourself.


what daisy did hornbeam bag recycled fair trade bagOak Weekend Bag recycled fairtrade leather


What’s special about our recycled leather bags is that they are sustainable, which means there was zero waste during their production. In fact, they are made from leather and cotton wasted by nearby factories.


Our fair trade bags and other items do not only allow for a charitable contribution on your behalf, but they are also unique and handmade.


Let others have a great Christmas too by purchasing at Ethical Souls!  For more stunning bags and purses check out here