My New Natural Skincare Regime

Over the past 6 months my life has begun to change and I have become more conscious of what I am eating, what I am putting on my body and what I am wearing. That was pretty much the reason I started the Ethical Soul journey.  On this journey, I started to search for small Irish natural organic beauty product brands which I felt would be perfect for my skincare regime and while also making available Ethical Souls for other women on a similar journey as myself.

My search led me to three amazing women Simone Nelson creator of 2B Organics, Catherine Clooney creator of Rosie Supposes & Ruth O’Loughlin creator of Ruth’s Natural Skincare.





I trialled the products before I launched the site as I wanted to be sure I loved them, at the end of the day I didn’t want to sell something I didn’t love or believe in!!

My Shower Routine:

The 2B Organics range is pure natural beauty luxury. The sweetie pie face scrub and rough for the smooth salty scrub live in my shower and are my weekly pamper product. My skin feels amazingly silky after using these products and when I get out of the shower I just pat my skin dry to lock in the wonderful moisture.

Daily I use Ruth’s Natural Skincare Soap, at the moment I am using Lemon Mint and wow is it invigorating perfect for that morning boost. I also had a cold recently and it was great to clear my head in the morning. The soaps also come in a liquid form but for me there is something special about the soaps!




My Cleansing Routine:

I use the B Cleansed Cleansing Balm, this is like going to a spa and being completely pampered. I fill a basin of warm water and grab a face cloth (which I haven’t used in years and was astounded to find I had three in the hot press). I take a thumb nail size of the balm and massage into my face and neck, it literally just lift the makeup off, even eye makeup and yes even mascara. Then dip the facecloth in the warm water and use this to take the balm off, it feels just amazing! I will never go back to facewash again and your skin is so cleansed much better than any face wash I have used in the past!

Then as a final cleanse I use Rosie Supposes Hydrolat using an organic cotton pad – this is a true rose invigoration. I sometimes just spray it on my face as well for a little spritz wakeup. The hydrolat will be wonderful for warm summer evenings (I know wishful thinking), a few spritz and I will feel refreshed and revived


My Moisturising Routine:

I have actually combined Rosie Supposes and 2B organics to my moisturising routine as they work wonderfully together! First, I take a few drops of Rosie Supposes rose facial oil and massage into my face and neck. If you have dry skin like me then this oil is your saviour! I then get a small amount of 2B Organics Youth Elixir moisturising cream and apply over the facial oil. This is a really light moisturiser which really helps your skin soak up the facial oil and they in my opinion were made for each other! The youth elixir does what it says on the tin and creates youth and vibrancy to tired skin.



My Night Time Routine

After cleansing with the B Cleansed cleansing balm I apply 2B Organics Nighty Night oil its calming natural oils just send me off to sleep. Again, I am a huge fan of oil on my dry skin especially at night as it give it time for this wonderful  oil blend to just sink deep into my skin.


I also lather on some Ruth’s Natural Skincare lip balms onto my lips at night to help restore them especially in the cold winter months. I am using Patchouli Mint at the moment.

lip balm

Also as a treat now and again I paper my feet at night with Rose Supposes Toeses Foot Balm. I massage this luxurious balm onto my feet pop on some sock and in the morning my feet are so smooth and soft. Ideal for me right now with all my half marathon training – my toes need some loving care.


I am so delighted my natural beauty product search brought me these three amazing inspirational ladies and having tried all the beauty products available at Ethical Souls,  it’s clear that natural beauty products aren’t sub-standard and can be as luxurious in fact more luxurious then the mainstream brands. With the added plus they are natural with no nasty chemicals soaking into your skin!

Check out the products under Beauty section of this website (!