My Happy Place

For their ‘Mind Yourself’ campaign, asked me to discuss my happy place. For me, this request was extremely apt as it was just before I travelled to my ‘happy place’ for the weekend. Every three months or so, I head off on weekend to paradise with a group of very special people I like to call ‘my tribe’. These weekends are a journey of self-discovery while focusing on understanding how Chakras affect youroverall evolution and development. We have completed four of the seven Chakras to date, the Root, the Sacral, the Solar Plexus & last weekend the Heart Chakra.


These weekends can include a combination of different processes such as Meditation, Soul Reconnection, Regression and Past-life regression, Future-life progression, Generational healing, Relaxation, spiritual mentoring, enlightening guidance and most importantly group discussions. Each weekend is different and is completely dependant on the needs of the group during that weekend. Of course, these weekends would mean nothing without our amazing facilitator Michelle Hardwick from Release…Peace with Michelle Hardwick. Over the last year attending these weekends, I have progressed and expanded my awareness of who I am, about my life and about others.
The location is the stunning and tranquil Liss Ard Estate in Skibbereen. Life literally sits still for 48 hours where you immerse yourself in the beauty of this beautiful place, surrounded by amazing people and of course our gifted teacher. I crave these weekends when they are over and long for the next so that I can just ‘stop’ for a little while in this busy, chaotic world and put myself first so that I can completely love myself and be loved.