Meet the Ethical Souls Dressember Team – Luisa Kearney from Online Personal Stylist

This year I decided to take part in Dressember. Dressember has become a global movement to help aid the fight against slavery and sex trafficking of women and children which exists in every country all over the world.
The idea is simple, you as an advocate of dressember wear a dress every day for the 31 days of December. Your journey can be shared on all social media platforms to help raise funds and awareness of the fight against worldwide slavery and sex trafficking.

Instead of doing it alone, I decided to reach out to the world via social media for wonderful ladies who would like to take part with me and form the Ethical Souls Dressember Team. The response was great with lots of interest but in the end we formed a group of  amazing women and I would love the opportunity over the next few weeks  to introduce you to some of them.

If you would like to donate to our Ethical Souls Dressember Team and support these wonderful ladies just click here

 Meanwhile, let me introduce Luisa Kearney

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Luisa Kearney, a professional fashion stylist and blogger, animal lover, and advocate for sustainable and ethical fashion.

Why did you decide to join the Ethical Souls Dressember Team?

I noticed the advertisement on the Ethical Souls Instagram page and thought that it looked really interesting. This was the first time I’d ever heard about Dressember.

How did you prepare for Dressember?

I went through my wardrobe and pulled out all of the dresses that I own. This was about 3 days before challenge started. It suddenly occurred to me that most of the dresses I own are summer dresses – very light and cool. Just looking at my dresses, wondering how I was going to make it through 31 days wearing summer dresses made me feel cold! I’m also in the middle of a ‘1-year no clothes shopping challenge’ so I had to just use what I had. I realised I had enough dresses to see me through the month but I didn’t know how I was going to make them wearable for winter. So next I got out all of my winter jumpers and cardigans, as well as leggings, tights and patterned jeans that could be worn underneath. I began to pair up different winter sweaters with a compatible summer dress, folded them together and stacked them at the bottom of my wardrobe for me to simply take out and wear each day.

What have you learnt about yourself since starting Dressember?

For me personally, Dressember has definitely strengthened my belief in my own Wear Not Waste ethic, proving that clothes are very versatile and can be upcycled and revamped to suit your needs. Who’d have thought that the dresses we were wearing back in the summer months on the beach would be December wardrobe staples?! I’m a firm believer in buying less but buying better and preventing textile waste, so it’s great to be acting upon that along with other Dressember participants.

In terms of the cause, I feel that Dressember is a fun and creative way to highlight the issues for which we are campaigning. Through participating in Dressember and reading the information on the website, I definitely feel more aware of these issues and the importance of raising awareness.

What have you learnt about your personal style?

Interesting question! As a professional stylist I spend most of my time styling myself and other people, so you’d wonder what I could learn? I’ve actually learned quite a lot! I like dresses during the summer time but not during winter, as I don’t like winter style dresses on me. I’ve recently found that layering summer dresses can be much more flattering and versatile.

Have you found the experience difficult?

Initially, I was wondering how I was ever going to create 31 different dress outfits from the few summer dresses I have in my wardrobe. The second big issue for me was staying warm because 31 days is a long time to be cold, uncomfortable and miserable, not to mention potentially unhealthy. What I’ve found is that layering thick jumpers and chunky cardigans, or adding a shawl or dress gloves can really help to keep you feeling warm and comfortable. The benefit of dresses is that even at their shortest they still sit no higher than on your thigh, which means that you have the extra length that you don’t have when wearing a simple top and jeans. Team a dress with a warm jumper, a pair of decent winter leggings and boots, and you have yourself a cosy, warm winter outfit!

What would you like to be your message to others?

I’ve had so much fun styling my dress looks each day, which goes to show that all of your clothing can be transferred around from season to season. It’s very important to wear what you have and learn how to work with the clothing you own rather than constantly buying new. Everybody should learn the true cost of clothing production and be more mindful when shopping irrationally!

Would you do Dressember again?