Meet the Ethical Souls Dressember Team – Julia Brown from

This year I decided to take part in Dressember. Dressember has become a global movement to help aid the fight against slavery and sex trafficking of women and children which exists in every country all over the world.
The idea is simple, you as an advocate of dressember wear a dress every day for the 31 days of December. Your journey can be shared on all social media platforms to help raise funds and awareness of the fight against worldwide slavery and sex trafficking.

Instead of doing it alone, I decided to reach out to the world via social media for wonderful ladies who would like to take part with me and form the Ethical Souls Dressember Team. The response was great with lots of interest but in the end we formed a group of  amazing women and I would love the opportunity over the next few weeks  to introduce you to some of them.

If you would like to donate to our Ethical Souls Dressember Team and support these wonderful ladies just click here

Meanwhile, let me introduce Julia Brown



Tell us about yourself?

Hi! I’m Julia. I left my job in fashion after more than a decade back in august, moved to our first home with my husband and son. I’ve been able to focus on my own business where I design and make/photograph and model all products myself . I use factory Fabric waste, donated or thrifted clothing.

I keep all of the threads I trim off during sewing, and keep even the smallest of scrap fabrics so that I can remake it into new textiles. I urge my friends and family to give me textiles they would normally think about throwing away. I would like to be able to support more ethical initiatives through my work – I have pledged to donate 50% of the profit on one of my recent fully recycled styles to Labour behind the label.

Why did you decide to join the Ethical Souls Dressember Team?

I saw the post on Instagram and asked to be involved as it’s such a great cause

DressemberHow did you prepare for Dressember?

Reorganised all of my clothes- dedicated a rail just for dresses!

What have you learnt about yourself since starting Dressember?

I am feeling more myself again.. see next answer!

What have you learnt about your personal style?

Since we moved and I’m not at work in an office full of young fashion types, I’ve fallen into the sweater and jeans mum! It’s made me plan my outfits again and gives more thought into what I’m wearing. I am having more fun with my clothes again and just having a  “I don’t care what the locals think I’m wearing a see though dress over my jeans and a pair of pom pom earrings like a boss” moment every day!

Have you found the experience difficult?

Some days are harder than others but it isn’t about me is it? It’s about helping those in need so I just get on with it!

What would you like to be your message to others?

Think about the world you want to live in and how you want your children and the younger generation to see it too. It’s totally insane that sex trafficking & slavery still takes place in 2017.

Would you do Dressember again?



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